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Learn lampshade making in your own space at your own pace...

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To reach students who can't come all the way to Wiltshire, I have created lampshade lessons which can be posted straight to students at home, so that you can learn all the skills and enjoy making your first lampshade in your own space at your own space.  

    Take a look on this page at what the Lesson in a Box includes. I am very proud to say every single Lesson in a Box student so far – from Texas to Thailand, Brighton to Belgium – has created a perfect lampshade. This style of learning has proved very popular for friends to learn together – besties, mums and daughters – what could be more lovely than to share a new passion.

  So far these lampshade Lessons in a Box include the pleated lampshade and the gathered lampshade. Tailored is yet to come (promise it’ll be soon!) and I’m thrilled to say there’ll be more too. 

    All I can say is, give it a go…. 

Joanna x

What's in the box?

In the post you will receive a sturdy cardboard box which is ideal for storing your lampshade while it’s in progress. It includes includes everything you need to make your lampshade...

• 10in French drum lampshade frame

• your choice of beautiful fabric from our current selection of block printed Indian cottons and Liberty tana lawns

• quality ivory cotton lawn lining fabric

• a length of pretty ribbon

• and the essentials: our favourite especially strong smooth sewing thread; cotton binding tape; a little tube of glue; some lovely long sharp needles; and a pot of pins.

All of these items are the same tried and tested items that we use every day in the lampshade workroom.    

Importantly, your Lesson in a Box includes detailed and beautifully printed instructions. Every stage is clearly explained in detail and supported by over 70 step-by-step colour photos. 


And just to make absolutely sure that you feel supported in your lampshade making lesson, you access to a set of video tutorials showing Joanna making each and every stage in detail. Seriously you can’t go wrong. We are incredibly proud to say that every single one of our Lesson in a Box students has successfully made a beautiful lampshade. 


To see your Lesson in a Box buying options, visit the SHOP pages.

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