In the workroom… storage

It doesn’t take long before a lampshade maker’s workroom is bulging at the seams with works-in-progress and treasured triumphs. But storing lampshades can be like housing a flock of delicate tropical creatures (no damp, no overcrowding, heaven forbid you pile them up in heaps, drop them… ouch!) Tricky.

As our last workroom was a wonderful Georgian warehouse – beautifully lit and gloriously damp, we learned our lessons well. Here are a few space-economical ideas to help you keep your lampshades safe..

Storage boxes

Excellent for: They can be piled up ceiling high in towers, taking up little floor space. They come in just the right shapes and sizes for a lampshade (pair, set of six….). Tuck in a silica gel sachet, a moth ball and a lavender bag for good measure.

Where from? Wilko. Poundstretcher. Aldi.

Ceiling hooks

The benefits: If you have a high enough ceiling, dangle lampshades from a hook, keeping them out of harm’s reach from pets, children and anyone likely to poke them.

Wrap in muslin first to keep the dust and flies off. These white bundles will imbue your workroom with a hanging gardens of Babylon mystery… lovely.

Where from? Cup hooks are sold in every hardware shop.


If you have room: Make them as deep as possible. Shelving is a great way to use high-up workroom wall space, but they are the least safe option in terms of dust and general handling. This is where our yet-to-be-worked-on lampshades are piled up.

How? My workroom walls are made of very thin plasterboard, so we (my Dad) attached wood batons first before putting up the shelves which are made from mdf boards. Not glam, but it’s a workroom

after all…

Thanks Dad x

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