a masterclass in hand dyeing fabric and trimmings


Hand dyeing fabric and trimmings gives you total creative freedom. Just a splash of pink here, or perhaps a subtle gradient of pale pink through to nude… the joys of being able to add your own colour open a world of possibilities.

Working on a retro style carousel-shaped shade frame, students will learn how to manage the dyes, and will look at brightness and tone, considering colour and shade as part of the shape. 

If you’ve ever felt stifled at not being able to find just the right fabric, braid or fringe trimmings… this is the workshop for you.

about the course

Due to the creative (and splashy) nature of the course, students will be provided with a choice of linen and silk fabric, and quality gimp and tassel fringes to dye. The choice of colours will also be a carefully-chosen limited range – but we promise that what we have will be very beautiful.
We will start by learning how to mix dyes and use them to hand colour pre-cut linen and silk fabrics and trimmings. 

Students will learn all the skills involved in making a beautiful 1920s inspired carousel shaped lampshade, including: binding the frame; measuring and preparing the fabric, pinning, pleating and stitching the fabric to the frame; and attaching the hand-dyed trimmings. This class is suitable for those with lampshade making experience and creatively confident beginners.


what's provided

  • A 12in carousel shade frame, ideal for showing off dyed fabric and trimmings

  • Fringe trimmings in cream and natural shades, plus a small range of gimp braids, all suitable for dyeing

  • Linen fabrics in natural shades

  • Specialist threads, tape and needles

  • Tea, coffee and cake... all day!

what' to bring

  • An apron and please wear old clothes and shoes

  • A packed lunch

While we have all equipment you need, we find that students like to bring their own scissors, haberdashery kit and even their own sewing machines. With current Covid rules this is preferable.

what happens

Students are welcome to arrive from 9am. The coffee pot will already be on.

Lessons begin at 9.30am and we'll continue until 5pm. We take a 30 minute lunch break as we find that most students are keen to crack on. The workroom has its own kitchen and social space so that you can take the day at your own pace.

Don't miss out... join us today