keeping us safe

We are very lucky to have a large and spacious workroom as our main teaching space. To make sure that we can keep you safe, we have spaced workbenches so that students can work 2m apart. We are also limiting class sizes where necessary. Other changes we have put in place while the coronavirus policies continue include:


  • All high-use surfaces such as counter tops, door handles, light switches and taps are being appropriately  cleaned daily.

  • Cloth towels have been replaced with paper towels.

  • Hand washing soap and hand sanitising gel and tissues are available for use.

In addition, we have put together the following set of guidelines for students and tutors. These rules will be compulsory until we are given notice that we can relax them.


  • All workbenches will be positioned so that students can work 2m apart. Where at all possible tutors and students should keep this distance. In narrow areas such as doorways and walkways, students are requested not to cluster but to leave space between people.

  • All students must use their own tools etc. This includes smaller items such as pins, skewers etc, as well as larger hand tools. 


Note: School hand tools will be supplied ONLY to students on leisure classes. These tools will be cleaned using appropriate methods at the end of the working day to keep them safe for the next user.

  • Face masks must be worn by those who are coughing and sniffling due to hay fever. 

  • No students or tutor may attend a class if coughing or showing signs of illness. Please note that in hay fever season, students are asked to a take a sensible view.

  • Hands must be washed on arrival and departure into the workroom.

  • Every student will be asked to sign-in on a daily register. This is so that should someone fall ill we will be able to trace all those that they have been in contact with.

  • Any student who falls ill with coronavirus-like symptoms in the days following a class is requested to let the school know by email. 

  • The Covid-19 safety policies put an increased strain on tutors. Now more than ever, it is important that students arrive in good time for each class, and leave on time, having left their work areas clean and swept.

  • And finally, it is important that we all continue to enjoy classes, be considerate and communicate kindly.

Stay safe and see you soon.